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“A stealth mission that became a revolution. Created by experts and grown through community.”



Our collective goal is to design a new blockchain – HiroChain (HIROC) and an ecosystem of dApps to unleash the full creative potential of our community and build something meaningful together.


Hiroki is a community-driven project which aims to create a new web3 ecosystem, designed by and for our community...

The team have been working tirelessly to develop the HiroChain and dApps as fast as possible, whilst keeping the quality of each product high and consistent with our goals of transparency, honesty, and authenticity. You can soon read more about our developments in the technology section.


With the support we are getting from the dev team and the community, we have managed to set and achieve a number of milestones in order to reach the collective goal of creating our own blockchain and the ecosystem of dapps..

Collecting all of the biggest names in the industry on our way, the HIRO is becoming a big trend in the space, but we aim much higher than that. Join our community now to see for yourself!








100 M


1 Year


The Hiroki token is now available on Ethereum network as well as Binance Smart Chain. Both tokens have their own selection of features including a Holder Reward Fee, which will see holders able to claim ETH or BSC based rewards through automatic reflections any time there is trading volume, and more.

Hiroki token is also the native digital asset for both Hiroki Dex and  Hiroki Chain. For the former it will be used to generate reflections for holders, and the latter as the governing currency for gaming titles built on the network.

Holder Reflections

Our reward protocol will automatically convert 2% from each transaction into the BUSD or ETH tokens, which then will be sent to our holders, giving them the ability to earn more $HIRO just by holding it!

NFT Rewards

Another 2% of the tax fees will be used to reward the Hiroki NFT holders, this will be collected in a separate wallet and claimable through our dashboard app.

Marketing Fee

3% from each transaction will be allocated to the marketing wallet. This will be invested in rising token awareness among various channels and community growth. You can find out more about our plans in the roadmap section.

Auto LP

1% of every transaction will be added to token liquidity, guaranteeing reduction in price volatility and increased stability for future transactions.



60% LP





80% LP




Hiroki is a community-driven project which aims to create a new web3 ecosystem, designed by and for our community...


In order to ensure the safety of your funds and to attract more investors, the liquidity pool for the token is locked and the link to it is pinned in our group chat. The team has also done a full KYC with our strategic partners, we are live 24/7 on Telegram to address any issues and we plan to hold regular AMAs to answer any questions and concerns that our holders may have. Remember! Our team will never DM you first, if you think someone impersonates us, please report it straightaway.


The dev team has clear and achievable long-term plans for the project. Our goal is to build a new blockchain and an easy-to-use dapp platform to unleash the true creativity of our community. The team consists of experienced devs with successful previous projects and in order to attract bigger investors, the team is being completely transparent about their plans to get there and regularly shares updates with the community.


Despite it being a fully community-driven project, the dev team continuously works behind the scenes to help push it forward and ensure successful development of our marketing strategy. So far, they managed to bring on board some of the biggest influencers in the BSC space (1m+ followers combined), secure multiple listings on popular sites and setup plans for a huge social media marketing campaign.


Finally, the community we have established so far is amazing. It is buzzing with positive vibes and makes it easy to just FOMO in when you see how excited everyone is about what we do. We are holding regular games and competitions for all our community members to participate in, and a ton of rewards is being given away every day to honour the most active members and followers. Welcome to HIRO's diamond handed DeFi community.


Our team is made up of a group of developers, designers, marketing experts and most importantly crypto enthusiasts!

As a collective we have over 15 years in web development, and 10 years in blockchain technology. This is a real project with legit and hard-working team behind it. We are focused to present our vision to this community and keen to show what we are all about. The team is always here to answer your questions and eliminate any doubts. We are extremely passionate about what we do and working around the clock to make it a huge success! This project is an opportunity for us to implement our skills and experience into something we love doing.


For more information and to contact the team please join our telegram!

You can reach the team there!  



Communication Management Consultant,

Creative Designer



Marketing Strategy,





Social Media Management,

Content Developer



Project Designer,

UI Designs

“A stealth mission that became a revolution. Created by experts and grown through community.”


How do I buy $HIRO tokens?

Hiroki is now live on both ERC-20 and BSC networks. You can buy HIRO tokens on both of these chains using any decentralized exchange or swap. In case of any issues, don't hesitate to ask one of our Telegram admins for help.

I have trouble buying/selling my $HIRO tokens. What do i do?

Depending on the market conditions and your order size, you might have to adjust the slippage used in the exchange.

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