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Hiroki is a community-driven project which aims to create a new web3 ecosystem, designed by and for our community...

The team have been working tirelessly to develop the HiroChain and dApps as fast as possible, whilst keeping the quality of each product high and consistent with our goals of transparency, honesty, and authenticity. You can soon read more about our developments in the technology section.

“A stealth mission that became a revolution. Created by experts and grown through community.”


The linchpin of the entire ecosystem, Hiro Chain will be a fully gasless and permission layer 1 blockchain that gives developers a platform to build incredible new services, games, and protocols on, without having to worry about fees to operate, meaning more cost effective solutions for everyone, including their own users.

The blockchain is being built from the ground up, and will be one of the most pioneering in the space, with full logistic and development support provided for those who choose to build and operate on it.  (More details will be revealed about Hiroki Chain soon).


HiroDEX V1

Our decentralized exchange helps you trade tokens in an instant.

The V1 of our DEX is already live, and the V2 dropping very soon!

HiroDEX V2

The latest iteration of the popular DEX has now been fully optimized to include autoburn and auto buyback facilities (as well as numerous other features, which will be revealed soon).

The new version of the DEX has been completely adapted ready for the imminent Ethereum launch, and will be the fastest, cheapest and most convenient way to purchase $HIROKI ETH tokens.


A seamless link between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, Hiro Bridge allows users to easily bridge their Hiroki assets between networks with the simple click of a button.

There are negligible charges and they appear in wallets within less than a minute! Unlike many other bridges, the process is simple, and there are no complicated and confusing steps that need to be performed, making it simple and easy for anyone to do.

Hiroki NFTs

Hiroki will feature two distinct collections of NFT, featuring differing tiers and containing extremely high-level rewards for holders, regardless of whether they hold ETH or BSC based NFTs.

Full details on the exact rewards and bonuses that each NFT tier contains will be revealed shortly, once the Ethereum launch is complete.


The Hiro Wallet will allow its users to do almost anything DeFi related that they want, with a comprehensive suite of features that give them a cutting edge when trading and investing.

These include staking, portfolio tracking of NFTs and tokens, wallet tracking, token swapping, developer wallet tracking, and lots more. 

Hiroki P2E

Three fun and engaging mini Play2Earn games are currently in active development, and will be exclusive to holders of Hiroki tokens (either BSC or ETH).

They will be wholly original from both a thematic and design perspective. (Full details of what the games are and how they will interconnect with the larger Hiroki ecosystem will be revealed closer to release).


Hiro Love will stand as an intermediary between charity organizations and the projects who state they want to help them, ensuring the money gets to where it is supposed to.

The DeFi space is unfortunately filled with bad actors and scammers who want nothing more than to steal the hard-earned crypto of investors and traders (Especially when it comes to preying on generous individuals in the name of ‘a charity’). 

Projects who are genuine will get the Hiroki stamp of approval, which investors will be able to associate with transparency and honesty. 

There is much more coming for Hiroki and its ever-expanding ecosystem.

This is just the beginning!

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